Canada-Russia Research Initiative


An independent, non-partisan, grassroots organization and research platform dedicated to fostering a greater understanding of the existing challenges in the relations between the two countries and accumulating meaningful studies to build a road for mutual cooperation.

In a current political environment when Canada and Russia are often hostile towards each other, the common headlines about Russia in Canada are predominantly associated with Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, the U.S. President, periodic sanctions or some issues of the same sort. Media coverage in Russia about Canada is minimal and highlights Canadian policy mostly in connection with a broader western approach to Russia after the events of 2014. Meanwhile, Canadian-Russian relations leave much more to be desired, but even the connections we have are more sophisticated than just a profound hostility in politics.

Canada-Russia Research Initiative supports research in political sciences, foreign policy, security issues and other disciplines associated with Russian studies in Canada and Canadian studies in Russia. We are creating an analytical database and running events for scholars and a broader audience concerned with various connections between the two countries. We are launching exchange programs designed to increase the involvement of curious students and highly educated professionals in exploring Russia and Canada as their area of expertise. In response to individual and university needs, we are initiating a Russian training resource with a focus on university course design, cross-cultural workshops and language tutoring.

Open to all interested people and entities, Canada-Russia Research Initiative is keen to work closely with academia, government, civil society and industry to support its core vision and commitment to promote a track-two diplomacy as a key element of a better awareness. We call students, academics, journalists, the business community, members of the civil society and representatives of the existing Russian diaspora for cooperation.