Geological structure and history of the Arctic Ocean based on new geophysical data: Implications for paleoenvironment and paleoclimate. Part 2. Mesozoic to Cenozoic geological evolution

By Anatoly M. Nikishin, Eugene I. Petrov, Sierd Cloetingh, Sergey I. Freiman, Nikolay A. Malyshev, Andrey F. Morozov, Henry W. Posamentier, Vladimir E. Verzhbitsky, Nikolay N. Zhukov, Ksenia Startseva Highlights•New atlas of paleogeographic/paleotectonic maps for…

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Canada’s cannabis conundrum

By Madelaine Drohan, Canada correspondent, The Economist The article first appeared on OpenCanada.orgThere are many reasons why Canada-Russia relations are strained these days, but one that does not get much publicity is the Liberal government’s…

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