Canada-Russia Research Initiative is open to any fruitful form of cooperation in conducting research and analysis, in offering topics and speakers for our talks, in supporting exchange programs and in constant sharing of ideas, views and expertise. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to be involved, to contribute with your studies, to sponsor an event or a program or to become a part of our team.


Be Our Contributor!

 Are you interested in furthering your understanding of Canada-Russia relations, foreign affairs and political science? Building your professional network and strengthening your writing skills, while implementing a new project within a vibrant academic community?

 The Canada-Russia Research Initiative is looking for two volunteers. Selected people are meant to be working on the website content, keeping it current, interesting and accurate. Minimum time commitment varies, depending on experience, but it is equal to one article per week. Training, covering basic research and writing skills, will be provided.

 A background in Russian studies as well as Russian language proficiency is considered a valuable asset but not a requirement. Our volunteers are qualified for one hour per week of our language tutoring program free of charge. In addition to that, our volunteers have an incredible opportunity to take part in our exchanges, once established.

 If you want to join our team, please send us your motivation letter with a brief sample of an analysis, covering any issue important for Canada-Russia relations nowadays. We look forward to working with you!