Tatars and Bashkirs show Canadians another Russia

Russia’s cultural mosaic reveals in Montreal

MIRAS Montreal Tatar Culture Centre took part in two multicultural events in Montreal in August 2018, depicting diversity of Russia’s culture to a broader Canadian audience.

On August 11, 2018, MIRAS represented Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, two regions of the Russian Federation, at Défilé de L’Amitié Nuestroamericana in Montreal. This annual festival features cultural traditions of various Canadian ethnic communities and diasporas. Local Bashkirs and Tatars paraded down the city in their national costumes under the flags of their Russian Republics. A call to get those costumes and flags had been spread out in advance through the World Congress of the Tatars. And, as it was reported by the Bashinform News Agency, all the essentials were sent to Canada from Russia with the help of the Tatar Ministry of Culture and the Tatar State Choir as well as the Bashkir Administration. The parade was finalized by the show where MIRAS enjoyed an approximately three-minute performance. They used their time to present Bashkir and Tatar national music, dances and songs.

On August 26, MIRAS participated in the other intercultural festival in Montreal, organized by Notre-Dame-de-Grace. This time, the Centre not only did a performance but also had their own booth where they could introduce to the visitors Tatar and Bashkir culture by means of their ethnic foods.

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