Canadian Embassy’s input in the Francophone Days in Russia

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Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels
March 30, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Library for Foreign Literature
Nikoloyamskaya street
Canadian Embassy’s input in the Francophone Days in Russia @ Library for Foreign Literature

French-speaking Canadian artists perform in Moscow and beyond

A concert of the Canadian musician Mehdi Cayenne, scheduled on March 30, 2019, at 6 pm, will conclude the Francophone Days in Moscow.

Mehdi was born in Algeria in 1987 but immigrated to Montreal, Canada, together with his family when he was still a child to escape a civil war in his home country. He writes his music and songs himself, as well as performs them and creates his own shows. He will be brought to Moscow with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Russia.

“Canadian Chargé d’affaires delighted to have launched the festivities with the other francophone embassies on March 20th,” posted the Embassy on Twitter.

Among other Canadians who participate in the Francophone Days in Moscow were writer Dany Laferrière and photographer Nathalie Daoust. As reported by the Canadian Embassy, Dany Laferrière presented his book L’art presque perdu de ne rien faire, published in Russian, at the Biblio-Globus book store on March 23; joined a round table at the RUDN University on March 25; and attended a writer’s conference at the Moscow State Linguistic University. Meanwhile, Nathalie Daoust’s exhibition and a masterclass in photo-painting will happen on the final day of the festival. The registration for the event has been closed already due to high demand.

In addition to that, on March 22, 2019, in the course of the Francophone Days, Nicola-Frank Vachon’s photo-exhibition Guerre et Paix: regard sur la scène québecoise was launched in Samara. And on March 23, the Canadian movie The Fall of the American Empire was screened in Russian at Illuzion Cinema in the Russian capital.

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