ICCEES 10th World Congress: Session 7.6: Canada-Russia Relations: Media, Paradiplomacy and the Balance of Power (Roundtable)

with Dr. Megan Swift, Dr. Zachary Paikin, Dr. Anna Tsurkan and Dr. Natalia Viakhireva
Canadian Journal of European and Russian Studies, Vol. 14 No. 1 (2020): Canada-Russia Relations

Polycentrism in the Era of Great Power Rivalry

When imagining a list of the central norms enshrined in the contemporary international order, the most elementary principles usually come to mind: sovereign equality, the territorial integrity of states, national self-determination, multilateralism, rules-based interaction, and respect for international law. Theoretical

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By Levon Sevunts (Radio Canada International), July 10, 2020

“Russia says the United States and Canada have violated a key international accord designed to build trust and prevent wars between former Cold War adversaries, and accuses Washington’s allies of kowtowing to the Trump administration despite U.S. policies that go against their national interests.”

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By Diane Francis (Financial Post), April 23, 2020

“Canada and the United States should join forces by banning all oil imports from Saudi Arabia, Russia and other OPEC countries and replace it with oil produced right here in North America.”

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By Randi Beers (CBC), November 12, 2019

“When the Lyubov Orlova Shipping Co. abandoned its ship in St. John’s Harbour in September 2010, it also abandoned the crew on board.”

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By Chris Brown (CBC), November 10, 2019

“The ornate halls of Moscow’s Kremlin have hardly been a welcoming place for Canadian delegations of late, which is what makes John Durrant’s visit there this week especially remarkable.”

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By Murray Brewster (CBC), July 31, 2019

“While the alliance warships were in the region, up to 8,000 square kilometres of the Black Sea were declared off-limits as Russian ships conducted their own drills to coincide with what western ships were doing.”

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By Teresa Wright (The Canadian Press), June 27, 2019

“A Russian student who was invited to present her research at an upcoming academic conference in Canada says she believes her visitor visa was unfairly rejected — an issue scholars say is a growing problem for academics from certain areas of the world trying attend conferences in Canada.”

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By Chris Brown (CBC), June 19, 2019

“While Canada’s government has banned hydrocarbon exploration on its side of the Arctic and declared climate change a national emergency, such considerations are utterly absent in Russia.”

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By Mark Mackinnon (The Globe and Mail), March 6, 2019

“Leaked banking records show Canada’s Bombardier Inc. was paid tens of millions of dollars by a shell company that received money from the massive Russian tax fraud that cost accountant Sergei Magnitsky his life.”

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By Josh K. Elliott (Global News), February 9, 2019

“Why is Russia defending Nicolas Maduro‘s claim to the presidency in Venezuela despite international pushback?”

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By GEOFFREY YORK and MATTHEW MCCLEARN (the Globe and Mail), February 5, 2019

“Russia’s annexation of Crimea led to a force majeure declaration by the B.C.-based manufacturer, and the satellite was never launched; it was placed in the custody of a Russian company, and Ukraine has now gone to an arbitration court to demand a US$227-million repayment from the Canadian supplier.”

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By GRANT ROBERTSON (the Globe and Mail), December 30, 2018

“… Ottawa didn’t merely want to expel the diplomats as punishment. It wanted to send the Russian government a message.”

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By PRESS PROGRESS, October 22, 2018

“The Russian propaganda outlets simultaneously downplay her extremist views, calling her a victim of “free speech” censorship and “generic Nazi name-calling.”

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By NEIL CLARK (Russia Today), October 25, 2018

“Just imagine…If a Russian journalist, a vocal critic of President Putin and the Russian government, had walked into a Russian consulate in a NATO member state to obtain papers for his forthcoming marriage and never came out again alive. After Kremlin denials, and several changes of story, it transpired that he had indeed been killed while in the Consulate, with claims made that he had been cut up while a ‘look-a-like’ left the building.”

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By CHRIS BROWN (CBC News), October 10, 2018

“A frequent guest lecturer and judge for Russian architectural competitions, Strelka — one of Moscow’s top urban design firms — has invited Geller to the city seven times in recent years to share Canada’s best practices with young Russian designers.”

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By JOSEPH BREAN (The National Post), October 4, 2018

“Over the course of his studies, Millerman emerged as the world’s leading conduit into the English language for the work of Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian neo-fascist who is under sanctions by Canada for his role in the annexation of Ukraine.”

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By NEIL MOSS (The Hill Times), October 1, 2018

“The former director of the FBI James Comey has said that Canada could be threatened by Russian interference in the 2019 election.”

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By Gary Smith (The Hamilton Spectator), September 24, 2018

“When Albina Belova and her husband, Jehad Mufleh, left Syria in 2011 they brought to Canada dance traditions that blended classical Russian Ballet with the Arabian dance culture of their homeland.”

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By MELANIE MARQUIS (The Canadian Press), The National Post, August 26, 2018

“As the couple and business partners plan to open their first stand-alone restaurant later this year in Moscow, they found were clients hot for the grub, even if formal relations between Russia and Canada remain decidedly cold.”

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By DEAN BEEBY (CBC News), CBC, August 22, 2018

“The Liberal government is reviving long-delayed plans to move into a new embassy building in Moscow, after more than 10 years and $26 million spent on the empty structure.”

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