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It is the Canadian Government’s turn to react now

E-petition, calling upon the Government of Canada to investigate actions of certain organizations of Russian diaspora and individuals collaborating with Russian secret services as well as to expend Magnitsky Law preventing family members of those officials who fall under it to seek shelter in Canada, was closed for signature on August 15, 2018, with 847 signatures in total, making it obligatory for the Government to respond.

The e-petition 1636, sponsored by the Conservative MP James Bezan, was initiated on the website of the Parliament of Canada by Dmitri Makienko from Ottawa, Ontario, on April 17, 2018. The document collected more than 500 signatures in 120 given days, crossing the required threshold to be presented in the House of Commons. According to the official information posted on the parliamentarian website, this petition is waiting for certification in order to be sent further to the responsible Chamber of the Parliament. On its receipt, the legislator has 45 days to react.

“Russian president Putin is personally responsible for an authoritarian regime in Russia, criminal system of kleptocratic feudalism, suppression of political and civic opposition and independent media,” says the text.

The main body of the petition is devoted to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his alleged crimes against Russia itself and a number of other countries. He is accused of major economic offences, acts aggression against Georgia and Ukraine, the downing of Flight MH17, support of Assad regime in Syria, a recent use of chemical weapons in UK and interference in “US presidential election and parliamentary elections in Europe.” All these charges are also linked with mass deaths in the Kemerovo shopping centre blaze and “deaths of tens of thousands of people” in Georgia, Ukraine and Syria.

As a result, the Canadian Government is urged to deport some “diplomats, Rossotrudnichestvo agents and Russia Today channel” due to their asserted connection with Russian secret services. The petition’s initiator also suggests that the Immortal Regiment movement should be evaluated on its correspondence with Canadian law and Canada’s national security interests. And Canada must ban any illegally obtained Russian assets if found in the country.

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