Canada, NATO, and Global Russia

By Nicole J. Jackson, Associate Professor, School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University

International Journal, Volume: 73, issue: 2, page(s): 317-325

Today Russia poses significant challenges that require sophisticated responses from both Canada and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), yet more research is needed on almost all aspects of policy development. Academic experts on NATO and Russia could contribute significantly to this process. To this end, collaboration and engagement among those experts with each other’s literature would be highly beneficial. Appropriate methodologies must be developed to answer questions about Russia’s specific intentions, test the assumptions upon which NATO and Canada’s policies are founded, and discover and respond to the root causes of Russia’s discontent. Policy options should be based on detailed knowledge of global security dynamics, as well as high-quality analysis about Russia’s rhetoric and its varied use of hard, soft, and sharp soft power in regional and global cases. A research network on these topics could help decision-makers respond to these complex developments by approaching them through “the eyes of our adversaries,” clarifying the big picture of hybrid warfare and also the micro-level details.

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