Russia-Canada Relations in the Period of Crisis, 2014-20

By Dr. Natalia Viakhireva, expert and program manager at Russian International Affairs Council


This article explores the state of Russia-Canada relations 2014-2020, and identifies areas where cooperation is possible. The bilateral relations are deeply affected by the overall crisis in Russia-West relations, and are at the lowest point since the end of the Cold war. The war of sanctions and accusatory rhetoric by officials from the both sides have come to the forefront. However a “niche cooperation” between Russia and Canada is possible in the areas where both sides can find common interests. Cooperation on non-political issues, using instruments of alternatives diplomacies: track-2 diplomacy, paradiplomacy, business diplomacy and parliamentary diplomacy, are all viable approaches, and provide the potential for a positive experience of interaction in the period of crisis. One of the most promising dimensions of Russia-Canada cooperation is interaction in the Arctic region in bilateral and multilateral frameworks.

Viakhireva, Natalia. 2021. “Russia-Canada Relations in the Period of Crisis, 2014-20”. Canadian Journal of European and Russian Studies 14 (1):30-54.


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