Canadian swine herd is imported to Russia

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(Leah Kelley/Pexels)

A breeding stock traveled by land and air to produce healthy pigs in Belgorod

Agro-Belogorie group brought almost 1,500 pedigree pigs from Canada to their new Genetic Centre in Kartashevka, Belgorod region, to strengthen the group’s genetic potential in Russia.

Canadian Genesus Inc. purveyed 1,272 sows and 94 boars to Russia, which had been previously picked by Russian geneticists out of 10,000 purebred swine presented to them in Canada. More than 900 sows are Yorkshire, while 300 Landrace. Agro-Belogorie intends to breed these two stocks in Kartashevka. According to the press release of the Russian Genetic Centre, the Canadian pigs were placed in quarantine under daily veterinarian observation until the end of August.

Russia’s Agro-Belogorie group and Canada’s Genesus Inc. gained abundant commercial experience in 2016 when the Canadian Genetic Centre provided their Russian clients with their Duroc livestock.

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