Canadian turkey in Russia

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Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

An increase of consumer demand

According to local farmers, as reported by Vesti Altay, Canadian poults have been sold well over this spring which could be seen as a citizens’ attempt to replenish their own meat stocks during this pandemic.

For two years, a joint-stock company “Altayskie Luga” has grown turkey from eggs imported to Russia from Ontario, Canada. The total number of birds produced was 1,500 last year. This year, this turkey producer expects to double the figure.

The company’s turkey barns are located in Novotyryshkino in the Smolensky District of the Altay region. Day-old chicks cost approximately 350 rubles (6.70 CAD) each. Their desired market weight can sometimes reach 30 kilograms.

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