Russian movies’ success story in Canada

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Competed to win

Two Russian movies received awards at the 42nd Montreal’s World Film Festival which was held August 23 – September 3, 2018.

The Lord Eagle/Toyon Kyyl by Yakut director Eduard Novikov took the Best Artistic Contribution prize. Its plot depicts a story of an old aboriginal couple who lives in thick taiga in the 1930s and their co-existence with a sacred eagle who made its way into their house. Besides the Canadian award, this movie competed in several festivals both in Russia and abroad; and was given the main prize for the best film at the 40th Moscow International Film Festival in April 2018. The Lord Eagle will be officially released in Russia on September 19.

In turn, Maya Szopa won the Best Actress in Strangers of Patience/Stranniki Terpeniya by Russian director Vladimir Alenikov. Maya Szopa plays a deaf young model who is taken captive by a photographer in this drama about art and evil based on the director’s bestselling novel. On September 15 – 23, 2018, Strangers of Patience will again compete at Amur Fest in Russia.

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