Nancy Teeple

Dr. Nancy Teeple instructs undergraduate courses on modern warfare, theories of war, and nuclear strategy and arms control at Simon Fraser University’s Department of Political Science, having also instructed courses on Canadian Foreign Policy, American Foreign Policy, and Canadian Armed Forces in NATO.  Dr. Teeple’s dissertation (December 2017) explored the potential for lowering tensions in the U.S.-Russia strategic competition through an Arctic arms control regime titled “Arms Control on the Eve of Destruction: The Prospects for an Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone in an Age of Counterforce Dominance.”

Research areas: Arctic security, nuclear strategy and arms control, American foreign and defence policy, Canadian foreign and defence policy, Western relations with Russia.


Relevant Publications and Conference Papers:


N. Teeple, “The Limits of Canada-Russia Cooperation in the Arctic,” Canadian Studies Review Vol. 6 (2012).  Publication of the Russian Association for Canadian Studies.  Original paper presented at the 10th Russian Association for Canadian Studies Biennial International Conference, University of Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, September 23, 2011, 1-24 (2011).


N. Teeple, “A Brief History of Intrusions into the Canadian Arctic,” Canadian Army Journal 12.3, 45-68 (2010).


Nancy Jane Teeple, “An Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Can there be cooperation under the counterforce dilemma?” Conference of Defence Associations Institute Forum, 18 August 2015.  Available at:


N. Teeple, “Offensive Deterrence Versus Defensive Deterrence and the Prospects for Reductions in Nuclear Forces,” Paper presented at the 58th Annual International Studies Association (ISA) Conference panel on Nuclear Posture, Baltimore, MD, Marriott Inner Harbor, Feb 22, 2017. 


N. Teeple, “The Arctic Security Dilemma:  NATO, Russia, and the Militarization of the High North,” Panel discussion at the 2016 Vancouver Strategic Studies Conference, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Vancouver Society, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, BC, April 9, 2016.


N. Teeple, “A Role for Canada in Promoting U.S.-Russian Cooperation on an Arctic Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone,” Paper presented at the 8th Annual Women in International Security Workshop: Rethinking Foreign and Defence Policy in Canada: A Decade After the International Policy Statement, at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, May 29, 2015.


N. Teeple, “Conceptualizing Offence-Defence Theory for 21st Century Nuclear Deterrence,” Paper presented at the British Columbia Political Studies Association General Conference panel on International Relations, at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby Campus, British Columbia, May 8, 2015.


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